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  • Customized Compliance Programs Ð full CIP program development for High, Medium, and Low Impact BES Cyber System owners.

  • Complete CIP Documentation Library Ð More than 250 CIP policy, procedure, and form templates required for compliance.

  • Low Impact Facility Program Implementation Ð Plant walk-down, network mapping, firewall rule review, Cyber Asset identification.

  • High and Medium Impact Facility CIP Program Support Ð non-intrusive review of your BCS vulnerabilities and recommendations to bolster security.

  • Cyber Security Incident Response Plan Exercise Ð Assist with exercise, documentation of evidence of compliance, and lessons learned guidance.

  • Network Design Ð or assessment of network separation and security.

  • Gap Analysis Ð Review of existing evidence of CIP compliance documentation.

  • CIP Audit Support Ð Inherent Risk Assessment prep, RSAW review and development, interactive mock audits.

  • CIP Compliance Advisories Ð Monitoring of new CIP Standard development. Consulting on regional trends and discussions about pending changes to requirements.

Business Process Consulting
Tech Management Consulting
Organizational Consulting
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