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The Oil and Gas Industry is undergoing many changes including  downsizing and repositioning of  portfolios. We will assist you as you reimagine your organization as changes are identified and developed to maximize productivity. Sustainability is a new and important part of today’s world, and Cotoc wants to make some of these transitions easier to manage through our experience.  Here is how we can help.

How We Can Help: Cotoc can help with implementation of a technology transformation. Drive and manage software implementation for ERP, ECRM, and Land Management.

Oil and Gas

AMI meters have been installed across the country, constantly producing immense amounts of data  that need to be organized and managed in order to make real-time effective decisions, which can be difficult.  We want to work with you to create a process specially made  for your business, streamlining customer service related issues while remaining flexible to include regulator demands. We assist with data lakes, vetting potential vendors, and  remaining current with regulations. 

How We Can Help:  Cotoc can help manage smart grid transformations.  We can help with “Big Data” by implementing forecasting and data analytics packages.

Power and Utilities

With the constant turnover of politics and the critical services that local, state, and federal government provide it is vital that they work seamlessly throughout every case scenario. As a consulting company which focuses on change management and the growing need for constant flexibility we can be invaluable during the most toughest times. We will work with you to make sure that even during those times the government is working at its highest efficiency and will be serving its citizens in every capacity possible.  

How We Can Help: Natural disasters are happening at an alarming rate including hurricanes, floods, wildfires,and  tornadoes  These events severely impact the public sector and the citizens they serve.  COTOC utilizes communication technology to create impact assessments and initiate plans of action to help the public deal with whatever weather conditions come their way.

Public Sector

The industry focus must expand from acute care to ambulatory services in order to take accountability for continuity of care.  With the constant ever present change in this industry it is vital that medical centers stay up to date with the latest and greatest programs and training.  The healthcare industry is at the cornerstone of change.

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